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View Diary: MRFF Lawsuit Alleges Mandatory Christianity in US Military (304 comments)

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  •  Oddly, I think this is accurate yet not so (1+ / 0-)
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    The influence of fundamentalism in the US military functions in the Straussian "noble lie" sense up to a point.

    But, the end scenario this points to is NOT rational. It is, in functional terms, apocalyptic. These fundamentalist ministries such as I describe are militating towards religious war, and if they are successful, paramount world problems - such as Global Climate Change, will not be addressed. Human civilization and the wellbeing of all life on Earth itself are at risk from the push for religious war between Christianity and Islam.

    Straussian political thought was malevolent and amoral but in strict terms rational. Religious war is not rational.

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      Your point about apocalyptic themes and results contradicting Strauss' desires of perpetual war is interesting food for thought, but I really don't think the neocons believe anything really bad will happen in the long term to the U.S.   It's doubtful they have that kind of foresight.

      Even if some of them in the backs of their minds see potential risks, hey -- they're just having too much fun right now, so they evade those thoughts.

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