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View Diary: MRFF Lawsuit Alleges Mandatory Christianity in US Military (304 comments)

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    Atheists should be very vocal without bashing religion.

    The most effective argument atheists could make, I'd say, would be along these lines :

    "It's our religious freedom right, enshrined in the United States Constitution, to hold any religious or philosophical beliefs we want."

    If the response is to haul out the "The US was founded as a Christian Nation" argument, you've got to be equipped to counter that one - you've got to know how to point out and rebut th falsified US history of David Barton, etc.

    If you want to play hardball, you can rebut Christian majoritarian arguments (the "we're the majority so we get to do want we want to the minority" mentality) with ; "Oh, just like the Nazis and the Jews ?...."

    (if the above is spoken, let it trail off a bit at the end, to let them dangle in the implied ugliness)

    Anyhoo, those are some quick thoughts.

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