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  •  Like hiking? (0+ / 0-)

    Not sure where to start...

    Almost all the free services provided by the various state park services (trail maintenance, signage, etc.)are financed by hunting.  Want a toll booth at the trailhead?

    ALL of the game animal management at the state level is designed around a suddenly decreasing number of hunters.  Leading to silly solutions to problems we didn't used to have; like spending the entire state budget for parks and trails to helicopter hay to deer.

    Tucson is discovering that by deciding to ban predator hunting in the mountains around the city, that as far as mountain lions are concerned - humans are the other white meat.  So now they want to pay rangers to go hunt them.

    Your personal decisions aside, I find nothing inherently virtuous about hunting or not hunting; virtue is in how either decision is lived.

    And Florida has always been awash with rednecks and with guns.  The cities are the new feature, so not sure which is "ruining" your state.  Do know that NOBODY goes to a gun show and buys a machine gun.  While you can legally buy a machine gun in these United States, it is carefully regulated, ownership is carefully tracked and owners carefully vetted.  And NO legally owned machine gun has EVER been used in a crime.

    And to my knowledge I am the fifth generation to own guns without either shooting anyone else or ourselves.

    And my neighbor owns a tank, and you can too!  Perfectly legal.

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