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  •  That's only because ... (1+ / 0-)
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    today's technology is so poorly designed.

    Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away from the Internet as we know it, there existed a thing called Usenet. Those familiar with the web today would think of it as a primitive webblog/discussion forum.

    Originally, it was accessed through the command line, but eventually, full-screen readers were available and became popular. The discussions in these forums were often quite complicated, with many discussions going on simultaneously, and more often than not, more complicated than what one typically sees in the blog universe today (think slashdot). Therefore, "threaded" readers were created to separate the individual discussions and separate the noise.

    No GUI was needed; although, there were a couple of graphical readers available for the GUI-addicted. Most people, however, participated in the discussions from standard text-only terminals. Keep in mind that GUI's were very primitive by today's standards.

    One of the reasons that I think that DailyKos is so successful is that the Scoop setup that it uses for comments is almost exactly like an old Usenet threaded newsreader. The only thing that has been added is ratings.

    Of course, most of the "old timers" are already know what I'm talking about, but those who are new to Linux, probably don't.

    Oh, by the way, other than one or two exceptions, all of the software that drove this system (client, server, etc.) was Open Source.

    •  Yeah, I hear a lot of people talk about Usenet. (1+ / 0-)
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      I started getting interested in computers around age 10, in 1984, which put me in prime position to become a precocious usenet user.  But for some reason, I lost interest a short time later.

      I think my life would be better in some ways if I had kept with it.  I remember amazing my family by writing a program that printed a string of multi-colored characters (like hearts, clubs, etc) on the TV screen 1000 times; with such a mind-blowingly great start, I was bound for computer science greatness.  Alas for the things that could have been.

      •  This is a late reply (0+ / 0-)

        borne of frustration.

        The Usenet eventually grew into a place where the "signal to noise ratio" dropped to a minimal trickle, which is a shame. It is the forum that popularized such terms as spam, troll, flamewar, Godwin's Rule, etc.

        DailyKos employs a threaded, Usenet-like format for it's comments, which I have mentioned before and which I like, but oh what I wouldn't give for a nice killfile these days.

        Those old-timers out there will know what I'm talking about. ;-)

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