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    The contractors were supposed to build a certain number of clinics.  The built less than half of the number, but billed taxpayers for all of them.  Thus, there are few clinics to staff.

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    by Deep Harm on Sat Sep 22, 2007 at 08:05:16 AM PDT

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      Deep Harm

      if they had built the clinics, how were they staffing them? It didn't take an on site inspection to figure this out; a beancounter in DC should have been able to spot this.

      Besides, the Arab press has covered this for a couple of years and last year al Jazeer ran a report on the new Iraqi schools where the "headmaster" showed the building after Haliburton left: roofless, doorless, windowless, with jumbles of desks and tables piled into corners but all the walls had a fresh shiny coat of whitewash.

      No wonder we look like world class rubes to the rest of the world.

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