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View Diary: SCHIP: The GOP Campaign Against Children (312 comments)

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  •  I had an arguement with a friend. (0+ / 0-)

    I told her how I felt that this is a black and white bill. She told me to look at the economic reality and how we're in such a huge deficit

    this is what she did:

    Katy: so you want a bunch of people who can't pay for health care to get more of their taxes ripped out of their paychecks because maybe one in a hundred has a regularly-cared-for illness?

    she went afk before I Could call out the strawman she'd just used on me.

    I was just like "Thanks for the strawman argument, in the future it will cost you a finger to use a logical fallacy in a political debate (I hope.), but the reality is I wanted to hike taxes on people who could already more than afford health care, in fact they live in mansions etc to pay for this. But SCHIP targeted SMOKERS. That's why you see all of those damn fliers at seven eleven that smokers are being targeted for a 150% tax hike. It's too bad that it has to be smokers though. It's just that every time we target the wealthy they use this exact argument on us. So you want to hike taxes on middle america? NO. We want to hike taxes on YOU!!! For some reason most liberals are too big of pussies to point that out when someone uses it. Don't ask me."

    as for how I feel about smokers: Not a lot of sympathy, but the rich are more deserving of the foot up the ass.

    -9.12, -6.97 (Yes. It is that black and white.)

    by daeros on Sat Sep 22, 2007 at 10:30:39 AM PDT

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