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    with respect to the North African cabinet members, but I would submit that there are cabinet officers and cabinet officers. Appointing a woman of North African descent to as important a post as Justice Minister is a step up from the past. Perhaps, you would like to follow up with a detailed listing of cabinet members of such heritage. The appointment of Rachida Dati along with 6 other women marks the Sarkozy cabinet as the most diverse of any. In addition Sarkozy's appointment of Kouchner, a founder of Medicins san Frontier as Foreign Minister hardly marks him out as the rightwing nut you assert that he is.

    You claim that Sarkozy is part of the elite, and that may be so. But he is clearly an elitist in the Chirac sense. He is a mould-breaker, and that's not a characterisitc of elitists. Most French people I have talked to, and admittedly that's French scientists, welcome the change he is promising. As you say, we shall see.

    What is strange is your concept of where most kossacks are on the political spectrum. Sarkozy would fit well within the center of political opinion, maybe even a little to the left. And that's where most kossacks are, it seems to me. You appear to be further to the left than most. Thus, to you, a man that has been able to recruit so many of your fellow socialists to his cause must be some kind of evil trickster who decieves others into doing his will. Perhaps he is just a very smart man determined to improve his country by hiring the best people he can irrespective of their party affiliation. It worked for Bill Clinton; maybe it will work for Sarkozy.

    Ambition is when you follow your dreams. Insanity is when they follow you.

    by Batfish on Sat Sep 22, 2007 at 01:31:34 PM PDT

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      Jospin also had several women at senior positions, including Elisabeth Guigou at Justice, Martine Aubry in charge of a very large social ministry. Earlier, Mitterrand had Edith Cresson as prime minister. As to 'heritage ministries', google Kofi Yamgnane, Harlem Désir, Azouz Begag, and a number of others.

      What you may not know about Sarkozy's cabinet is that all the "symbolic" posts have been given very restricted roles, with the real job done by people in Sarkozy's first circle of advisors. For instance, Kouchner is not in charge of diplomacy, Jean-David Levitte (Sarkozy's national security advisor) is. Michèle Alliot-Marie was given the ministry of the interior, but was stripped of a number of competences which were given to Sarkozy's confidents (like Brice Hortefeux, who is minister of immigration and national identity, which captured a number of key services, or Claude Guéant, Sarkozy's chief of staff, who used to be his chief of staff at the ministry of the interior before he became president). Dati is a catastrophe already, with half her staff having resigned, but of course she cannot go. Christine Lagarde, the "minister for the rich", is already out of favor for pushing too obviously for a pro-rich and pro-corporate agenda.

      Sarkozy is not a mould breaker, he just wants to be liked and respected by his billionaire friends - Lagardère, Bouygues, Bolloré, Pinault. Once you understand that, his personality becomes a lot clearer.

      As to the left-right divide, well, I vehemently disagree - or simply I would say that you have swallowed the notion of the US right that the middle is the point halfway between them and Joe Lieberman, or maybe between them and Hillary Clinton. On any non-American scale, and even on any reasonable US scale, Sarkozy is quite far to the right (especially his hateful discourse against immigrants or his explicitly pro-corporate economic agenda and his tax cuts going to the rich).

      He has not recruited many socialists - Kouchner has always been about his personal ego (it's funny to read his anti-Sarkozy rants from a few months before the election) and, like I said, he has no real power. Strauss-Kahn going to the IMF is just competence recognised for a non-political (in domestic terms, I mean) job. Not that the Socialists needed the help to self-destruct, driven as they are by deep - and unseemly - personality conflicts, but that's another issue...

      Don't believe ANY headline about Sarkozy. Go dig a bit. It's indispensable each time.

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        Jerome a Paris

        the IHT. But, as you may know, we Americans really aren't very interested in European leaders too much unless they have some direct effect on us. Still I hope for good things for France, one of my favorite countries.

        Ambition is when you follow your dreams. Insanity is when they follow you.

        by Batfish on Sat Sep 22, 2007 at 02:36:03 PM PDT

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