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  •  Atheist Restaurant Story (0+ / 0-)

    I went to an atheist restaurant with some friends the other day...yes, I break bread with atheists.  Before we were to eat, I announced I wanted to give a blessing.

    "You cant' say grace here," a man said, "this is an atheist eatery."

    I declared that I would anyway and started to mouth the words,   "Bless us our Lord..."

    But no sound came out. My lips moved silently. I unbowed my head to see my friends around the table nodding knowingly.

    In horror I jumped out of my chair, knocking it to the floor with a bang.  I heard my hosts laughing through the pounding in my chest.  Gasping, I ran for the door.  Running down the sidewalk, I uttered the only word that would make me sane. "GOD GOD GOD", I cried from the pavement.  Everyone in the street was staring as if i was crazy.  

    Onan d on I ran and ran away from that cursed place.  What power those atheists have!

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