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    The government's thugs have been arresting and beating up people for exercising their rights for a long time. Remember Eugene V. Debs went to prison merely for saying that World War I was wrong and that we shouldn't send soldiers to fight in it. And big demonstrations from the days of civil rights marchers to VietNam protests to the World Trade "riots" have always involved the police beating up and arresting non-violent demonstrators and uninvolved bystanders alike. Even when demonstrators behave in an obnoxious and violent way, it often turns out that there were police agent provocateurs stirring them up to do so. And a substantial portion of the public during every one of those eras has looked on approvingly as their fellow citizens got beat up.

    What's different now is that this sort of thing is much more public (partly due to the ubiquity of videocams and cell phone digital cameras) and the police have been militarized with an abundance of high tech tools to use against dissenting citizens. It seems like we've been fighting fascism since before there even was a self-styled fascist movement (like as far back as the late 1870s), but the fascists seem to be getting much closer to total victory since 2000.

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