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View Diary: Troll Rating Fritz Haber, Jimmy Kunstler and the Oracle at Snowmass, Part 2 (155 comments)

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    NRG Guy

    ..if we assume no breakthroughs.  That is, if we continue to talk about land-based wind (and polysilicon solar).

    And if we had to choose whether to spend ALL money on nuclear, or ALL money on a breakthrough, you might also be right.

    But that's not the choice we face.  We can spend all money on nukes, or we can divert a significant amount to make hybrid helicopters/wind turbines, thin film solar, etc.

    Thank goodness the market is choosing to fund R&D into thin film solar (and CSP).  I'm hoping it will also fund R&D into hybrid helicopters/wind farms as well.

    The market is betting on breakthroughs.  So would I.  Not with all my money, but a significant chunk of it.

    I can see the case for nuclear.  But I have never been able to see the case for ONLY nuclear, to the complete exclusion of everything else.

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