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View Diary: Troll Rating Fritz Haber, Jimmy Kunstler and the Oracle at Snowmass, Part 2 (155 comments)

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    "That's an insult."

    Oh really? Don't make me laugh.

    You troll-rated me (twice) simply because you didn't like what I had to say, and you couldn't think of anything substantial to say in return.

    That's not only an insult; that's an abuse of your TU status. I believe you'll find that I'm not the only person who thinks so.

    Those who must resort to troll rating to make their points -- because they cannot provide valid a counterargument, or any coherent argument whatsoever -- do not think big. In fact, they usually do very little thinking at all. Use your brain, not your finger. Talk, don't click. Then you might demonstrate that you are something other than a knee-jerk reactionary without a clue.

    Until then, I stand by what I said.

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