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  •  You've already lost your bet. (2+ / 0-)
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    and you cherry-picked the part of the article that you like, without grasping the whole of it. This is an enormous setback for antinuclear opposition groups:

    ``It was a very smart, strategic move to work in the background before ever submitting a new proposal for a plant,'' says Steve Warner, 42, founder of the anti-nuclear Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition, who says he was caught flat-footed.

    Miznuno said a judge MIGHT find that the Staff is acting in a biased fashion. That hardly disproves my point. BTW, I would enjoy watching a judge try that with Winston and Strawn in the room.

    In a nutshell, the Staff has said that their purview begins with construction of a nuclear reactor. Prior to that, they don't have any interest. This is a brilliant piece of lawyering that leaves the antinukes powerless, as the reactor is a modest part of the total cost of a building a NPP.

    The first group of reactors will be built on existing sites, which renders your point about all those hopping mad folks immaterial. The antinukes will have to bus hopping mad folks in from all around to protest something that they are powerless to stop.

    •  "you cherry-picked the part of the article" (0+ / 0-)

      I didn't cherry pick , I pointed to the part of the article that shows its not the slam dunk you think it is .
      A judge might halt the whole project . If a judge might halt it , its not a slam dunk .

      And as I said above ,

      "In a nutshell, the Staff has said that their purview begins with construction of a nuclear reactor."
      Yes we agree on that .
      Until work is about to begin on the reactor/s the nuke oversight is unneeded .
      Prior to that, they don't have anything real nukey to regulate  .
      If the contractor grades the place , thats not a nuke , if the contractor puts in a road or two and parking lots for the workers , thats also not a nuke , that can be handled at the local level , if they get permits to grade pave etc from the local land use / improvement board/s , why would the NRC get involved ?
      I don't know the local codes in that local , but if they need an EIS and get a EIS for the planed use , why would the NRC get involved , its not a nuke .
      The EIS for the site , if it needs one , will maybe need to reflect the planed use . If the EIS gets done and approved , .....
      But I think once they get to the point where they need a permit from the NRC , the public will have an chance to comment on the pros and cons .

      You may be right that this has 100% trumped the opposing force , time will tell .
      "it will be interesting to watch , to say the least"

      l'essentiel est invisible

      by indycam on Wed Sep 26, 2007 at 12:39:45 PM PDT

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