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    Prior to the US military setting a single foot in the ground, Cheney and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (presumably with friends at the American Enterprise Institute (the same place the "quagmire" video was made in 1994)) organized a meeting between Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan and pro-US Iraqi Sunni opposition members in London.

    It was called The Hashemite Plan. An idea to unite Jordan and Iraq in a pro-U.S. Hashemite kingdom.

    And Cheney (et al.) had put together this soiree at the same time Bush (et al.) was swearing that war in Iraq was the final option, honest, would I lie to you...

    The Conservative-leaning WorldNetDaily site still has a StratFor press release here with more details. You'll notice the [f]right-wing site was already pushing the post-war scenario and the overthrow of Hussein (in direct contravention to the UN Charter and the Nurenburg Charter ... see my diary entry here for explanations how they are "the Surpreme Law" of the United States). One of the main reasons given for the Hashemite Plan: it "would help the United States gain direct control of Iraqi oil and replace Saudi oil in case of conflict with Riyadh."

    War for oil, and this [f]right wing site doesn't even hide the motive.

    You might also have noticed the phrase "a beacon for the Arab world to follow". They do like their mental little sound-bites on the fringes, don't they?

    ----------------------------- Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. -Daniel P. Moynihan.

    by ShawnGBR on Mon Sep 24, 2007 at 10:16:05 AM PDT

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