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    I don't think that reading blogs that have articles titled "Beavis and Butthead Learn One of Life's Lessons" is studying hedge funds.

    You might try this if you want to study hedge funds. Go read articles where the author's actually try and measure things.

    BTW, I get 404s on your last couple of refs...

    -- You are all individuals! -- I'm not! -- Shut up! Be quiet!

    by Skjellifetti on Tue Sep 25, 2007 at 08:36:10 AM PDT

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      You think hedge funds are not a principle driver of global collapse?

      No one could get their money out of their hedge funds for the simple reason that most hedge funds require long notice periods for withdrawals.

      I'm talking 1) years ago about 2) a rarer class of old money who damn well drive the system because they own the very banks that comprise the federal reserve.  What, you think the Bushes make their financial decisions reading the WSJ?  Rather the 300 or so top Bush supporters in the primary private equity groups are the ones who tell the WSJ what to write.

      Some new money got had, sure.  Lots of it.  I am talking about the really old money who define the market.  The textbook crap about market forces being "natural" is a lot of edjamacation voodoo written by people who don't know economics from finance.  The market is highly manipulated by the few, always has been and always will until the money-lending trade is somehow snuffed out from the face of the earth.

      Read one satirical title of Winter and jettison?  You can't go through all the links of a single Winter column (and he is a great resource) in the time it took you to respond to my comment.  You don't know a thing about that author.  You're response here is pure knee jerk.  And in exchange you give me a Google search on hedge funds?  Really?  You read everything and then factored it all in the search?  Real quick study, are you huh?

      Only a handful have collapsed.

       My eye.  I'm not going to bother doing your homework for you.  I see you telling other people to buy textbooks here too.  You presume much.  Maybe you'd better look at some of the diarying other people here have done before you toss off guffaws.

      And don't come around me shilling for hedge funds.  These ferociously greedy, hubristic, conniving, immature little maniacs managing most hedge funds are destroying the US people with unregulated abandon/blessing from the kleptocracy, polluting people's pension funds, destroying our currency with their finance-based funny money, shortchanging  forced US dollar investors/creditors to the national debt, eating the mortgage industry alive and they belong in jail.  Don't shill to me about hedge funds.  I'll never give you an inch on that.

      Making predictions is difficult, especially about the future~ Yogi Berra

      by stonemason on Tue Sep 25, 2007 at 10:38:15 AM PDT

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