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View Diary: Breaking News: GOP Congressman Greenwood (PA-08) Leaving Congress This Year (134 comments)

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  •  yeah (none)
    mixed feelings here.  Greenwood was as good a Republican as they come.  I'd guess he got sick of the Party and wanted out.  He was very good on environmental issues.  So it is a blow to lose a Republican who could push progressive issues.  But perhaps a gain if Ginny can win the seat and push an even stronger progressive agenda.
    •  He wanted Specter's Senate seat (none)
      I think Greenwood wanted Specter's senate seat, but wasn't going to challenge the incumbent.  When Specter didn't retire, Jim probably didn't like the thought of six more years in the House not be listened to be either party (too liberal for the Rs, and an R to the Ds).

      Now if we could get him to change party and run against Santorum in '06...

    •  Isnt this why Fitzgerald is quitting too? (none)
      These guys are sick of the "new GOP."  Of course they won't say it, for the sake of the party.

      I'd love for one of them just to come out against Bush, preach about traditional conservative values, and endorse Kerry.

      Just once and so loud the media couldn't bury it in the back pages.

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