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View Diary: Breaking News: GOP Congressman Greenwood (PA-08) Leaving Congress This Year (134 comments)

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  •  Across the Delaware... (none)
    ...from Camden?  That would be Center City Philadelphia and part of, I dunno, Port Richmond, maybe?  Unless they gerrymandered the 8th way down the Delaware, the 8th district is mostly across the river from places like Riverton, Palmyra, and Florence.

    A lot of the Philly suburbanites are knee-jerk GOP registrants.  In some places, people really believe that you can't get the local government to fix your street light if you're a registered Dem.  I had to laugh when Kerry did his first "porch" visit in Lansdowne, in Delaware County.  He must have found the only Democrats in the entire town to visit!

    •  Wrong on Lansdowne. (none)
      The Dems took control of the town back in 1997, and they've held on ever since. First Democratic administration in over 100 years!

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