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View Diary: Meta-analysis of all state polls (47 comments)

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  •  Pre-election poll (none)
    On the eve of the last election, Ryan Lizza at The New Republic had just such a calculation. At the time the prediction was that the outcome of the general election hinged on who won Florida. It was too close to call.

    For this reason I place a lot of faith in state polling data!

    By the way, I am guessing that this is why Al and Tipper Gore were at a "Florida Victory" party (for those of you who have seen Fahrenheit 9/11). They knew where it would be decided.

    •  2000 (none)
      I was using the TNR election predicitons as a guide in 2000.  After PA, MI, and FL were called for Gore I was out of my seat.  Fox news sat me back down...  

      All in all though they nailed every state (depending on how you feel about FL)

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