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    The DC crowd, be it Dem., GOP or media all play a game where they get taken care of and the rest of us can pay the bill and shut up.  The only way for us to win at this game is not to play.  

    In this case not playing means voting for candidates who support our values.  In 2004 I worked for Dean, but when Kerry won the nomination I dutifully gave, worked and voted for him.  I'm not going to be played for a chump again.  In return for my support Kerry had a responsibility to try to win, to contest the stolen election and to stand on our Democratic value.  When Kerry or Hillary or any of the others go back to DC and capitulate on everything in the name of bipartisanship it make a fool of me as a voter.  So I'm not going to vote for candidates who can't be counted on the vote for my values.  

    I am supporting Richardson for the nomination because he has the experience to do the job and he supports my values.  However, if the eventual nominee is not clear about Iraq and everything else I won't vote for him or her.

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