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  •  What dissing? (none)
    Perhaps when Greg Speed wakes up we will gain a little clarity.

    "The Party has been a Miserable Failure for the last 10 years."

    Now that sounds like a dis.

    "It is time that these folks woke up to that, and started listening to people who have the Party's best interests at heart."

    Did someone say something about "dividing the party"?

    •  Problem is, it has. (none)

      Let's summer 1994 the national Democratic Party left Bill and Hillary out to dry when they proposed their health-care plan.  There were no commercials to counter "Harry and Louise"

      In Autumn, 1994, they did not come up with any coherent counter to Newt's Contract with America.  

      In 1998, it fell to and Larry Flynt to argue against the hearings.  Again, a Democratic President was left hanging.  

      In 2000, somehow every single Democratic Senator was persuaded to go along with Bush's coronation.  Note that there have been no high-file prosecutions of anybody for disenfranchising black voters in Florida, nor any national Democrat pressing for same.  

      •  Let's not let reality intrude here (none)
        Clinton screwed up the health care debate beyond recognition.  The Ds in Congress were the victims of that.  Had Clinton got in office and just let Congress run with plans they had been batting around for years, we have universal health care and the Rs are in the minority forever.  I'm as big a Clinton booster there is, but he screwed the pooch on process.  The Ds were handed a pig in a poke.  Pete Stark should have just been told to pass his bill and then Clinton signs it and we're done.

        Gingrich in 94?  Please.  Again, we did that to ourselves.  The crime bill was the last straw demonstrating just how unable to govern we were.  Ds didn't turn out to vote in 1994 because they were demoralized by the team failing, not the House Democrats abandoning him.

        1998?  Just about every Democrat was arguing from April on against the GOP hijacking of Democracy.  Flynt merely exposed some juicy details, but let's not pretend the Ds weren't fighting this.

        And, as for the "no Democratic Senator" line, it was great in F 9/11.  It riles us up.  But the fact is that Gore told the Senators not to make a fight and to move the country forward.  I still think it was a mistake, but that was Gore's call.

        The United States of America: Walk the Talk

        by Velvet Revolution on Tue Jul 20, 2004 at 09:46:01 AM PDT

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        •  Counting (none)
          Didn't have the votes for Stark's bill ...

          vote early - vote often

          by wystler on Tue Jul 20, 2004 at 02:05:50 PM PDT

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        •  Perhaps I'm used to vigorous Democrats (none)

          Dean deserves loads of credit for giving us our spine back;  maybe the activity of 2003-4 makes the quiet of 1994-2002 seem all the more shameful.  

          Gore probably had understandable reasons for wanting to carry on with the coronation of Dubya.  But still, there should have been investigations into how Harris somehow wrongly struck thousands of black people off the ballot.  If not by the US DOJ, then certainly by county prosecutors.  Bush would still be the legitimate President, but Harris would be bunking with Martha Stewart.  

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