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  •  Conflict is good (none)
    It's not bad for the party - if the DCCC and other longtime Democratic organizations don't start working with the blogs and the rest of the progressives, we'll have trouble. Smaller races like this are a better way for things to be worked out between the wildly different groups than when we're looking for a Presidential candidate in 8 years and don't have the ABB movement to unite us.

    As the parties (both parties mind you) have been losing control over the last few decades, things have risen to replace them. With the pubs, it was the Christian Coalition and other right-wingers. With the dems, the blogs are emerging as the grassroots part of the party that will have a strong voice whether the establishment likes it or not.

    The Dems will have control over the Congress within the next 10-20 years, I have no doubt about that. It's which part of the Democratic party is wielding the power that is the real question. The Christian Coalition and other right-wing grassroots groups managed to control the debate over the last two decades. It's time for the internet groups to take their place as the ones who can control the debate. Kos and other such blogs are at the head of the movement, and so conflict is bound to take place between those losing power, and those gaining it.

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