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  •  Democracy vs Insider Politics (4.00)
    My question through this entire thread is if the real conflict isn't between true democracy (ie the blogsphere, individuals 'voting' with their time and money) and insider politics.  I would define insider politics as the Washington establishment that has its own rules and processes.  Insider politics has little to do with democracy and little to do with what we individuals care about.  Insider politics has its own set of values.  I have seen glimpses of it on Kos over the past several years.

    It seems like Dean v. Kerry is a great example of that. Think of all the energy Dean generated through true democracy, telling everyone that they have the power.  Kerry won the nomination though partially because he is an expert in insider politics.  Kerry did not generate nearly the emotion nor interest that Dean did in the people, yet he won.  (And I understand that a lot went into who won and lost this thing, I am just exploring a point here, no flames please).

    I see the same conflict here.  DCCC is insider politics and they could care less about what we the people want or think.  They have their agenda, and they will follow it regardless of what we want.  Completely putting words in Kos' mouth here, but I think he is speaking for Democracy, saying LOOK, the people have spoken, she won the primary, she just made 14K, let's stand up and tell the world about this wonderful situation.  Let's get Ginny on Air America, send out press releases.  Let's take this energy from the people and use it to generate MORE energy and light a fire under her campaign.

    I agree with my interpretation of Kos' thoughts here.  But I think our problem is that the DCCC and everything else in Washington has its own agenda, its own values, and its own culture of exclusion.  And sadly true democracy, responding to we the people's voices, is not one of those values.

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