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View Diary: DCCC fails Schrader (317 comments)

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  •  In the words of the great Dick Rumsfeld (4.00)
    Democracy is messy.

    For too long we have sat back and tried to think everything through, and the 'right' decision.  But when you do that you lose some of that vital energy that creates true movements.  You can't control every single step of the way.  Sometimes you gotta just go for it and see what happens.

    That is what we did last night.  Ginny may be a crappy candidate.  So what! For one night we all felt like we were a part of something special and that will resonate in the future in ways we couldn't even guess.

    Many are still engaged in this political process because of Dean and his energy.  Some of these people would never have been involved if not for Dean.  So this energy is wonderful even if it is not always logical or well thought out.  Obviously we don't want the decision to go to wr based on this kind of energy.

    Also don't forget that the original goal was to send a message to the right that when we mobilize, we can make an impact even in one night on these races.  Imagine how pissed of the righ tmust be right now that some no name candidate in PA now has  national name recognition!  We achieved Kos' primary goal here.  everything else is the messiness of democracy.

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