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View Diary: "Accidental" Giant Navy Swastika Building Was No Accident (190 comments)

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    You didn't approve of the Colbert episode that Kos showed up on and played along with Colbert depicting him as a Nazi on either?

    While I can certainly see that you wouldn't find either funny,  there are more people in this world to whom a swastika does NOT symbolize the Nazi party than there are to whom it does, just as there are more people to whom rainbows aren't instantly associated with gays.

    Just because a particular symbol is something you've internalized as evil and hateful doesn't make that same symbol instantly hateful and evil to anyone else, even if they know that it can be used in reference to something in history that is pretty much the epitome of evil.

    Given the vast numbers of atrocities committed by the Christian Church against Jews and centuries of attempted pogroms and attempts to destroy Judaism, how can you view a swastika as more evil than a crucifix?  Surely the two should at least be on the same level of loathsomeness?

    I know you'll say this is off topic, but my point is that if you're going to get all bent out of shape over the one symbol, you might as well get all bent out of shape over both symbols.

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    by drbloodaxe on Fri Sep 28, 2007 at 08:43:12 AM PDT

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