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    See, I told you not to trust Excel:

    A thread on Google Group microsoft.public.excel reveals that Excel 2007 loses its grip with arithmetic that involves the number 65,535.

    Several examples are shown, perhaps the simplest of which is the calculation (850 * 77.1), which should produce 65,535 but instead returns 100,000.

    Let me guess ... this is a new "feature"?

    Maybe it's a new standard that Microsoft will lobby the ISO to adopt? Let's call it the OOEMS (Office Open Excel Math Standard), which is summarized as

       580 * 77.1 = 100000

    Or maybe they'll just fold it into OOXML.

    Some might recall that mathematical errors have been discovered in Excel periodically in various releases going back at least as far as Excel 5.

    I recall this very well.

    •  Oh, God. Another 2 to the 16th overflow. (1+ / 0-)
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      This is a first year programming mistake. I guess we now know where the Diebold programmers ended up.

      - What happens on DailyKos, stays on Google.

      by Jon Meltzer on Tue Oct 02, 2007 at 07:40:01 AM PDT

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