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View Diary: Friday Futurist Survey: Help Me Design The Future! (43 comments)

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  •  writing another model? ;-) (3+ / 0-)
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    cskendrick, brillig, lineatus

    Economic regime (from strongly protectionst to deeply integrated) 5
    Communications regime (from content-controlled to content-liberated) 7
    Security regime (from global anarchy to world federation) 6
    Ideological regime (from strongly democratic to strongly totalitarian) 6
    Legal regime (from rule of whim to rule of law) 1

    Innovation regime (from reaction to radicalism) 1
    Wealth regime(weakly concentrated to strongly concentrated) 9
    Civility regime (from medieval reversion to utopian renaissance) 5
    Legitimacy regime (from complete repudiation to strong social contract) 2
    Conflict regime (from strong conflict to strong peace orientation) 3

    Health regime (from rapid deterioration to radical improvement) 5
    Social regime (from individualism to humanism) 1
    Perceptual regime (from materialistic to idealistic) 1
    Information regime (from data dearth to data immersed) 10
    Water Resources (from greatly degraded to greatly improved) 5

    Energy Resources (from greatly degraded to greatly improved) 5 (there's been more then enough advances in wind, solar, etc. worldwide, and it's only going to get better. Again, ignore the hyperbole from both sides to get a non-bullshit debate.)
    Global warming (from insignificantly warmer to drastic, adverse transformation) 2 (There's a great deal of hype, hyperbole and non science on both sides of the debate...sadly although not unexpectedly more our side then theirs)
    Pollution (from no restraint to strong remedy) 6
    Species preservation (from extinct movement to global effort) 5 (I expect advances in genetic engineering)
    Pattern of Changes (from slow and gradual to sudden paradigm shift) 7

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