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  •  Moody Lonely Future :) - CSK narration (3+ / 0-)
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    Over a period of five years, from 2017-2022, there was a technological transformation that may save us all, may change the very definition of world, never mind of human.

    We're not even sure what it means yet. There is a sense of another shoe having dropped...but we were too stunned by the first one to notice.

    I am speaking of the development of quantum simulators. Of quantum computers.

    Their first application was on the collection of DNA from wildlife species in anticipation of a mass extinction event. Despite this energetic genetic harvesting, the rate of habitat and biodiversity loss is too great despite the game effort. So, a means of refining the search behavior of ground teams was required.

    From that problem came the first self-organizing quantum algorithm using a rhodium gas photon entanglement core.

    Swiftly, we saw the light, as it were, and given the nature of the algorithmn, solutions for ecological restoration and contamination control, were swiftly generated.

    We have yet to peruse the complete roadmap for the "Tterraformation of the Earth"; the algorithm continues to develop entirely new mathematics to answer the initial question - How can Humanity restore the environment of the Earth to optimal bioversity?

    Some of the subset solutions are classifed. Rumors are that one line demands the extinction of both humans and cats. A competing rumor says, no, it's dogs.

    This was well timed, for as of now the mean global temperature is 8 degrees F warmer than in 2000, and ocean levels are 1.2 meters higher.

    Energy and water resources slightly degraded. $100-105 bbl oil in 2007 dollars. Bottled water sells easily for $4 a small container

    For the average schmoe, everything that is possible to know and unsequestered is knowable. Data gathering, analysis, commentary and allocation of resources takes place in a vast, self-organizing milieu.

    Orientation is more materialistic than now, a decadent age in wealthier sector, less distracted by pipe dreams of freedom and the siren call of martyrdom than in times before. The world is sad for the first, relieved for the latter.

    Human live expectancy by and large is neither better nor worse off than before. Healthcare is contentious policy issue but the standard predictive model of human life expectancy improvement holds.

    People are more individualistic, more assertive of their rights and liberties under law, also lack the excuse of ignorance of either the particulars of law or precedent or the consequences of their behavior, due to the ubiquity of information. The paradoxical result is both more freedom and, to avoid getting 'trolled' by fellow participants in the milieu, self-moderating behavior.

    On the other hand, people are more contentious, as much of their lives is lived swimming in the dataverse, and therefore notions of civility and civic responsibility have degraded for many.

    Despite the vastness of information, we are still barely getting our hands around the fruits of the Quantum Simulator Revolution (or Quantum Singularity, as it is popularized). There is a sense that human minds, as-is, are not intelligent enough to exploit this wealth of data appropriately. We are just beginning to get a sense of what is possible...and it frightens us, to be honest.

    There is a sense of disquiet pervading the world, a gathering and lying in wait of what is to come.

    Governments and corporations are very protective of their secrets in a world where the means to decrypt anything are everywhere; arrests of persons who ask the wrong questions of their Q-Stars are rampant. Information is free until it lands you in prison.

    No one knows the shape of the future economy; patent rights mean nothing in a world where a Q-Star can be asked to create a near-duplicate or superior model of a competing good or service, or next week some other designer will have made your wares obsolete. A deep global recession has been the result, offset in part by the relatively few quantum-derived products that the govs and corps have let out.

    Communications are monitored (they cannot not be!) but not blocked (too easy to circumvent), if transmitted by Q-phone. There is talk of building entangled photon relays but anyone who asks of such things is arrested, so no one asks such questions aloud anymore.

    There is a pathological fear of what such technology might mean, a worry by the powers that be that there may already be rogue artificial intelligences with their own machine agenda. Fantasies of Terminators and Daleks obsess the security forces of the world.

    Power is who hold it at the moment over you; control is no longer a matter of law and justice but profit and resource allocation in a given place and time. Associations, not nation-states abound. Nodes of power like organized crime, political parties, defense contractors, academic institutions, megachurches and friends societies, web-based communities and homeowner associations create a Stephensonian anarchia in the material world.

    Writ of law is not so important but reputation and precedent in a perfect-information world must be maintained. There is no way to intimidate away the memory of bad behavior, so ironically even the most violent of gangs are explicit about their behaviors, and deal with and are dealt with accordingly.

    That the highly autocratic governments and security forces have become scarce more than a supergrade of super-syndicate has brought about widespread repudiation of former state institutions. There is a nostalgic power to such icons, and icons are information and their brand value can fetch nice prices based on goodwill on eBay.

    Who buys? The super-rich, you know who they are. We all do. And they know we know it, too.

    That is life in the cyberpunk age.

    There is no Congress, there is only Zool.

    by cskendrick on Fri Sep 28, 2007 at 12:06:32 PM PDT

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