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View Diary: Employment Discrimination: Where do we go from here? (206 comments)

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  •  Anger is completely understrandable (24+ / 0-)

    I'm angry, and I'm not even G, L, B or T.

    So....What to do?

    Well, I'm perfectly willing to send something to my congress critters (and, in Nadler NY-08, we might have a fairly sympathetic voice).  If you or some other knowledgeable person can draft a letter, I will add my own personal touches and send it along.  I don't know enough about the history of this to draft something sensible.

    That's easy. I contact Nadler, Clinton and Schumer all the time.

    I'm more eager, though, to spread the knowledge, and spread the idea that when we fail to protect some people, we fail us all.  The failure hurts those some more than it hurts the others, but it hurts everyone.  When you exclude XXXX from the discourse, from the society, from interactions, from employment, and so on, you lose.  

    When Arkansas wanted to get rid of Robyn, they wanted to get rid of a transgender, lesbian, human who was a damn fine math professor.  Good math professors don't grow on trees.  

    Similarly for Jews, Blacks, Irish, Italians, Latinos....*ethnic group of your choice here*.  
    Similarly for the disabled (oooh not Stephen Hawking, not on our faculty! he looks so weird!) the learning disabled, the nearsighted......

    Anyone who wants to be surrounded only by people who are just like him/her/hir is free to sit in a closet, alone.  

    I'll be around most of the next few hours to take part.  Let me close with a poem, not by  me, but by a 5th grader in NYC Public Schools.  The poem won a prize:

    The people of the world
    Are like the colors of a rainbow.
    Would a rainbow of one color
    Be beautiful?

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