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  •  if you understand the bush mentality (1+ / 0-)
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    this is a 'no-brainer.'  This guy is a product of his generation, in that he really thinks there is a place for the 'individual' to make history, and that it's about him and his vision.  What you see is what you get. Meaning, there is no reason that will stop him, no facts that will dissuade him from any act he'd decided to take.   In this way you need to see it as a bigger problem than Bush, after all Rudy would be even worse, he was so individualist he could take no ideas, for example where to put the command center in case of terrorist attacks?.  We don't need any more leaders with their big ideas on how things have to be 'done or undone, in this case we just need to insure more kids, and then some more, and to do get things on a plausible track we need to elect leaders who aren't so in love with their own individuality and can accept there there really are experts and that they should be listened to.  

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