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View Diary: Republican Candidates Tied To Bush on SCHIP (297 comments)

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  •  Ok... (0+ / 0-)

    Were your parents legal or illegal?

    You know the laws are already there to punish those who hire illegals under the IRS withdrawal code. If an employee's SS# comes back as incorrect or not valid the employer is required to report the employee to INS and is supposed to be fired. If this continues the employer is supposed to be audited and the IRS and INS are supposed to investigate it. Of course the fines are supposed to be immediate, but those often don't get paid nor enforced.

    The problem is enforcement of these laws.

    Look under penalties on this very form. Ron Paul has no issue with Birth Right citizenship to people that are here legally. Honestly if you want the real truth of the matter maybe you should investigate Dr. Paul on the issues.

    •  They are legal (0+ / 0-)

      But do you not see the inherent injustice of denying citizenship to so-called anchor babies?

      •  No (1+ / 0-)
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        I'm sorry I do not see it. Very few countries do this for the reason of welfare alone!

        I don't see how it helps to have a child here and then have parents here who have difficulty finding and holding decent jobs because they are illegal. About the best thing to come out of that is at least the child has the right to an education that is slightly better than that of a child in Mexico.

        Here's my take on this, before you can solve the problems with the world you better solve the problems at home. We can solve this mess by doing exactly what Dr. Paul says. If you take away the incentive to come here illegally, rights to social programs, rights to birthright citizenship, rights to schooling you take away the want of them to come here illegally.

        Mexico needs to fix itself, it's not the job of the United States to fix Mexico. If the companies want to use cheap labor to do what they need then they need to move their operations to Mexico. Many have done this VW makes most of their vehicles in Mexico, GM, Toyota, Ford all have operations in Mexico. Where they pay workers $9 an hour vs $18 in the US. If you ask me if Mexico wants to quickly and easily bump it's economy and the quality of life of it's citizens then they should teach English in Public Schools. BTW, Dr. Paul suggests ending NAFTA which just promotes cheap labor and truly opening up for real free trade with Mexico.

        Trust me while you'll hea that Ron Paul is a radical, or a racist, or a gay hater, or some kind of Christian right wing nut all over this forum this really isn't true. Hell I watched him get slaughtered by the religious right at the values voters debate in FL a couple weeks ago. He literally got booed to death because he said he would absolutely not support an amendment banning gay marriage. At the last PBS debate the white supremacists around the net were infuriated that Dr. Paul stated Minorities are unfairly treated by the criminal justice system.

        Here's an AP snippet

        "He's an iconoclast in his party in other ways, as well. During a debate on issues confronting minorities, he was enthusiastically applauded when he said minorities are unfairly punished in the criminal justice system. And he called for an end to the war on drugs because "it isn't working."

        Does this sound like a racist to you?

        •  Sorry (0+ / 0-)

          Then we can never agree on this. There is a problem when children born in America are punished as an "incentive" to force their parents' hands. That's fascist and contrary to American values, especially as expressed in the 14th Amendment.

          Regarding NAFTA: I hear many praising Ron Paul because of his opposition to free trade agreements. However, did you know that he is probably the only congressman who opposes free trade agreements because they aren't free enough for corporations? His proposal is to entirely end all restrictions on trade by businesses.

          I don't know whether Ron Paul is a racist. However, I do know that his vision of government is one that severely lacks empathy.

          •  Actually (0+ / 0-)

            I disagree, children are not punished because they won't be immediately allowed citizenship because of where they are born. What if a pregnant woman is here from France and she has her child born here yet wants her child to be a French citizen? The idea that not having birthright citizenship to non citizens is certainly not fascist nor is it un-American.

            We are a civilized society with civilized laws, currently you are breaking many laws if you are in this country illegally. These laws are here to protect those of us who are here legally and paying taxes for our many social programs. It is fascist to assume that the group paying for the social programs must pay for those who are breaking the law. Let us not forget that those who break the law who are here illegally are often difficult to apprehend because we have no finger print or other records for those individuals. Thus they are a social group that is actually in 1 regard not held accountable to the rest of society. Them not being forced to lived to live under the same rule of law as citizens is actually the very definition of Fascism.

            Yes Dr. Paul's vision of "Federal" Government lacks empathy, but your local government in this "Republic", at least what's left of it, can have as much empathy as it wants.

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