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View Diary: Money for Iraq But Not For Uninsured Kids (75 comments)

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      Israeli right wing is working overtime to stir up problems between Syria and Israel.  My guess is the logic is if Syria is taken out or replaced with someone like the Shah of Iran, then Hizbullah will be starved out, not having an ally to provide munitions and supplies.

      Syria today released pictures of the area that was bombed by Israel three weeks ago.  Syrians claim it is an abandoned agricultural complex that is owned by the Arab League.  It appears the planes did not hit anything significant though footage can lie.

      Neocons started out with the story that Syria was building its own nuclear weapons factory with the assistance of Iran and N Korea and the raid destroyed the facilities and killed a number of N Korean and Iranian scientists and techs.
      The events of the past few days give the lie to the likelihood of N Korea trying to export nuclear technology, even if Syria had enough territory to hide such facilities (remember the supposed training camps for the Mahdi Army?)and would not simply borrow a nuke from Iran if they wanted one.

      Now the story is that the facility was to make poison gas which would then be installed on Hizbullah rockets to be fired into Israel.  Mustard gas does not seem to be the best suited for firing blindly the way Hizbullah has been wont to do but the neocons need a reason for Israel to take out Syria.    

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