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View Diary: Money for Iraq But Not For Uninsured Kids (75 comments)

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    We have all been waiting for. You know, the one that widens so fast and runs so far that the entire structure collapses.
    The reason Bush vetoed this is clear, he had no choice. He is between a rock and a hard place.
    If he signs it, he loses his base for good. The 29%ers would never forgive him. Look at the poll. The self identified Republicans side with the pres. strongly.

    Those identifying as Republicans favor the Presidents’ position by a 42-point margin (27 to 69 percent).

    Bush has already long ago chased away the independants and the Reagan Dems. The base is all they have left.
    This is a classic "bleeding heart liberal" program, raising taxes to create another entitlement, as they see it.
    If Bush signed it, he'd pick up only very small credit from those he's already chased away, but he'd lose a lot of his base, and the threat of a right wing third party would only grow.
    By vetoing it, he allows those in his party in the toughest fights to openly defy him on a popular bill, giving them at least a some help in fighting to lose as few seats as possible. Those in the reddest districts can continue to support him if they feel safe enough, but if they actually sustain the veto it's going to tar the whole party.
    With the Republicans in free fall, watching their not-too-long-ago anticipated "permanent majority" disintegrate, this is a fight that could really open some big wounds.
    The one downside for progressives, is that when the Dems see the Repubs falling apart, many will be tempted to try and court dissaffected rightys, feeling very safe in ignoring their own base, while looking to create their own "permanent majority."

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