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  •  I have an e-mail trail of everything I sent... (0+ / 0-)

    and I also cc'ed everything to the Kucinich campaign, because I never trusted this person, and I imagined they valued my work.

    The simple, original fact of this is that Kucinich has no idea who supported him in 2004 and never bothered to thank them or invite them back in, when he relaunched his campaign for the presidency in 2008.

    •  imagined they valued my work... (0+ / 0-)

      ...meaning the Kucinich for President 2008 campaign, not who ever this internet-only attacker is...

    •  The first thing I sent - how threatening? (0+ / 0-)


      I was involved in the 2004 Kucinich campaign in Minnesota, and I have spent some time volunteering in this cycle in Nevada and California.

      Who do you know that has been organizing in Minnesota this year, and what are your plans? I have managed to be visible for Dennis at the MN State Fair, at DFL functions like the CD 7/8 listening and training session and a dinner in Mahnomen (White Earth's Shooting Star Casino), a SD20 fundraiser, and SD 66, SD 62 picnics... I think we need to try to run campaigns in all 8 congressional districts and that it would be great if we could somehow get Dennis and/or Elizabeth to visit the Northern Reservations and may be a University or two in CD 7and try to convince more of the under represented groups there (youth/Native Americans) to caucus - and to consider some of the ideas behind Dennis' candidacy and the Department of Peace (suicide rates and violence are high up there, and Dennis could help spark some hope and self-empowerment). I have recently visited 10 of the 11 reservations outstate and delivered some information to tribal councils about the Progressive Democrats of America and my flyer about Dennis' pending bills.

      Support seems reasonably strong in the metro area but most people involved in 2004 are now behind other candidates or burned out.

      We should also get the National campaign to invest in VAN access wit the state party - also we should make sure that the DFL has your contact information if you are in fact going to be the State Coordinator.

      We were planning on having a meeting to sort of kick things off after XXXX XXXXXXX - the Minneapolis coordinator, returns from D.C. next week.



      •  The next - how sinister! (0+ / 0-)

        I meant that the state DFL needs to know that you are the state coordinator in order to make sure that we are invited to have equal opportunity to table at events, etc. when they extend the invite to all of the other campaigns. This is advice from Mandi Tempel - CD5 Affirmative Action Officer.


        •  her reply (Sept 18th) (0+ / 0-)

          Ok, did you have any questions for me?

          •  My questions (0+ / 0-)

            Sure, are you familiar with the VAN or have you done any of the DFL Listening and Training Sessions this year? I think we should buy keys to the VAN for the Kucinich campaign - I know one campaign has managed to get it unlocked for $2,000 cash with a promise to pay the remainder eventually - to total about $10,000 - you should try to get a quote from Dave Weinlick...

            Do you you know who I am? Do you know who was involved and effective in the 2004 campaign? Were you involved in any Minnesota campaigns in 2006?

            •  Her answers (0+ / 0-)

              No, I don't know who you are, I thought you wantd to assist in the Bemidji area.  The campaign just hired me and as I previous stated, we are having our FIRST NATIONAL MEETING TONIGHT.  I'll let the national director whom Dennis also hired tell me how he would like things done in '08.  Hope that helps.  All funds are unavailable until Vin releases the coordinator kits.  If you are concerned, contact him please.

              •  after that I made sure I copied Vin and also (0+ / 0-)

                tried to get responses from other National staff.

                She never made the connection with the state party to get the event invites, to table at events (and pay for those tables, etc.)

                After 2 weeks of no campaign organizing activity, no obvious stepping up and getting added to the offiicial list of Presidential campaign point people - I did start to believe she was a sabateur, but I did not communicate directly with her w/o cc'ing the campaign, and there was nothing hostile - just an observation that she or her pool of volunteers did not attend or table any of the obvious events for a campaign to be present at (e.g. the State Central Committee, the founder's day dinner, the Progressive Caucus conference, peace events, Congressional District central committee meetings).

                She did start stalking and e-mailing people she could identify as associated with me - demanding to know about whether they were in picture with me on my website, etc.

                The new MN Kucinich State coordinator is not a professional, not obviously a Kucinich supporter, just a creep with some hurtful biases against people with mental illness, and some familial connection to someone who was once active in the party.

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