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View Diary: I want an apology from Dennis Kucinich (30 comments)

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  •  after that I made sure I copied Vin and also (0+ / 0-)

    tried to get responses from other National staff.

    She never made the connection with the state party to get the event invites, to table at events (and pay for those tables, etc.)

    After 2 weeks of no campaign organizing activity, no obvious stepping up and getting added to the offiicial list of Presidential campaign point people - I did start to believe she was a sabateur, but I did not communicate directly with her w/o cc'ing the campaign, and there was nothing hostile - just an observation that she or her pool of volunteers did not attend or table any of the obvious events for a campaign to be present at (e.g. the State Central Committee, the founder's day dinner, the Progressive Caucus conference, peace events, Congressional District central committee meetings).

    She did start stalking and e-mailing people she could identify as associated with me - demanding to know about whether they were in picture with me on my website, etc.

    The new MN Kucinich State coordinator is not a professional, not obviously a Kucinich supporter, just a creep with some hurtful biases against people with mental illness, and some familial connection to someone who was once active in the party.

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