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View Diary: Halleluia - Dean speaking in prime time! (38 comments)

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  •  TU status (none)
    means that:
    1. instead of rating articles from 1 to 4, you can rate from 0 to 4, i.e. you can give spam posts and other deliberately annoying articles a rating of zero (for "super troll").  
    2. articles with average ratings below 1.0 (i.e. they got lots of zero ratings) aren't seen by ordinary users, but TU's can see them.  However, you usually aren't missing anything by not seeing them: they get those low ratings for a reason.  Making them disappear from the regular display really does help the quality of discussion, as you can see by comparing this place to unmoderated forums.  Very occasionally, a good article will get hidden due to undeserved low ratings, so letting TU's see the hidden articles lets them pull the good ones back from oblivion.
    You get TU status if you have enough rated posts and if their rating averages above some number around 3.0.  If you post regularly, you will probably get TU status after a month or two.  

    There are also "untrusted users", those who have persistently gotten low ratings (i.e. by being persistent trolls).  I don't know if their treatment differs from regular users (maybe they can't rate other people's articles, or something like that).

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