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View Diary: More Republican Senate retirements? (116 comments)

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  •  Actually, I thought we're doing pretty good. (1+ / 0-)
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    New Hampshire, Virginia, Maine, Colorado all got the very best candidate possible.

    In Minnesota, Franken's money scared off the rest of the field, but he still counts as top-tier.  In Oregon we didn't get DeFazio but got the next best thing.

    In Texas and Oklahoma we got the long-shots we wanted.  In Alaska we've probably got the candidate we want; he's just waiting to see exactly where the FBI is going.  In Idaho we have the best possible candidate.  Even in Tennessee we'll have a decent name on the ballot.

    Kentucky, North Carolina, and Nebraska are the real question marks.  If we don't get Kerrey we will get Fahey in Nebraska, so that's still pretty good as a recruiting effort.

    And then there's New Mexico, which might genuinely disappoint.  (Although not cause our candidate is unable to win the seat, but rather because he is suck.)  Alabama and Kansas also look likely to be uncontested, but that's kindof a minor failure.

    So right now there is a risk that we'll leave some opportunities on the table: North Carolina, Kentucky, Nebraska, and kindof-NewMexico.  That is a lot of seats.  But with probably seven top-tier, perfectly recruited races (I'm counting Alaska), and  another six or seven second-tier races (either good states with bad recruiting, or bad states with good recruiting), it seems like a glass-half-full situation anyway.

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