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View Diary: The right-wing intersection of "smear" and "stupid" (207 comments)

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  •  I'm sure they'll be fine too, souvarine, as good (6+ / 0-)

    strong hardworking people who look after each other's backs will often be in life--but please, could you pass off this advice to them: FIGHT. If the rightwing was trying to twist my child's words and his life's story for a smear campaign, WingNut heads would rock and roll.

    And tell them to get a couple snarling rottweilers--not a better territorial guard dog exists. If Polly Pry Malkin comes around again, they'd do your neighborhood, and the part of America that's holding on to dear life for their collective sanity a big favor. The bitch would never be seen in your lovely neighborhood again.

    "The American people deserve to know that their presidency is not for sale, the Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent." John Edwards 08

    by PeckingOrder on Mon Oct 08, 2007 at 06:07:58 PM PDT

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