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View Diary: Some global warming denier is canvassing college faculty (35 comments)

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  •   Asimov's AChoice of catastrophes (0+ / 0-)

    a wonderful survey of all sorts of long term and short term threats to mankind discussed in a rationalthoughtful,non-alarmist hysterical way.

    Isaac Asimov's book of challenges written (Simon Schuster)1979 divided all sorts of problems,serious threats to mankind in five classes.  One chapter is devoted to weather, both to advancing glaciation
    and to receding ice, such as loss of Arctic or Antarctic ice cap.  A discussion of the heat trapping ability of CO 2 even at .03% or very low levels of the time is done . Asimov is a great popularizer and very succinct in the way he approaches, dissects and outlines a solution for a problem.

    "there is nothing that threatens us with immediate destruction in such a way that we are helpless to do something about it".(p362)

     That applies to weather related changes and man made tilts of the equilibrium of the weather patterns.

     The disinformation campaign is really tossing a panic campaign into a controversy that has a logical
    source and cycle of development. It is neither inevitable or impossible to solve or do anything effectual about its impact. The denialcampaign is based on discredited and specious theory of what carbon dioxide's role in the heating and cooling of the earth and its dynamics of formation and accumulation is.

    America has been stolen, your citizenship is a hollow fraud, and you have no power. What will YOU do to reverse these hurts, crimes, outrages?

    by Pete Rock on Mon Oct 08, 2007 at 08:51:17 PM PDT

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