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  •  Triangulation? (0+ / 0-)

    What?  She is proposing economic plans to help the middle class and those hoping to move into the middle class, and letting tax breaks for the wealthy expire, and making college affordable, and universal health care!  What does "triangulation" have to do with it?

    There should be a Hillary Clinton Mad Libs where we just list the buzzwords and then people can fill in whatever the topic of the day is.  At least then it'd be entertaining.

    Today when campaigning in __, Hillary Clinton spoke to an ____ of ___ supporters, offered bipartisan solutions to ____, and triangulated over _____.  Sure, she is ____ in the polls in ___, but I know she is losing the _____ because my father's brother's sister's cousin's former _____ told me s/he is supporting ____ instead.  Clearly, the DC establishment ___ whenever they hear about her ____ triangulating, and the insiders are already ____ because she _____ seeks their ____, and the __ media wants her to ___.  They just don't understand the ___ that I read about on ___ blog.  Also, remember the __ days of the first Clinton administration, when we had ___ years of ____ and it's all because of Bill's ___.

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