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    Land of Enchantment

    in idaho, there's the big lost river.  the river would come out of the lost river range, run a distance, then be 'lost' by flowing back into the earth ~ this arrangement made for unique sub-species of fish - including the lost river whitefish which is currently on the docket to force FWS to list.

    the lost river no longer runs so far as it is being irrigated to death to grown alfalfa in the desert to rear livestock --- the least efficient water use given resources to the calorie...

    many many wastes of water - many many rivers and streams (the nexus of life in the desert ) that don't run - and many many consequences..

    ag ~ especially to support livestock - is one of the biggest uses and continues to leverage its water rights in an absurdly wasteful way.  use = right in the desert.

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