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  •  The rich like it just the way it is (0+ / 0-)

    and so does the republican leadership.  They are prospering.

    Greenspan believes that it is bad for the working class to have good wages.  He thinks it causes inflation.

    When Greenspan was asked if the fair tax was fair, since it would tax the middle class on every penny, because they have to spend every penny, but the rich would have millions tax free, once they paid their expenses and essentials. Greenspan said that it was fair. He said that those with the big money would start businesses and create jobs, etc.

    Greenspan also said they need to import people to do the high tech work to bring the salaries down here.  I don't know, if he included the physicians in that or not, but there has been talk of a republican plot to do that.

    Greenspan and the republican leadership ignore the fact  that there are trillions going to have to be paid on the retirements of state and federal elected officials and appointees and some government workers, plus the military, police and firemen. Then there are the pensions that the republicans agreed to pay for the businesses that went bankrupt to get out of paying them, courtesy of the taxpayer. Instead they focus on Social Security, which is the only retirement that is partly prepaid by those who will draw benefits when they retire.

    They have told the young in this country that Social Security won't be there for them and they could do better investing. That may not be true.

    The young should fight to save Social Security and not let them raise the full retirement age or cut benefits.  If not, the rest of us will be paying 6 figured retirements for people like Greenspan and Bush, but have a pitiful retirement for ourselves. They will also have their 401k type plan, which we match because they work for us. Their 401k is better than most of us have.

    Some of them can retire in their 50s, but they want us to have to work to age 70 or later for full retirement and not get even a decent benefit.  Most of them can retire in their 50s.

    If we let them undermine Social Security, then the rest of us will pay for their lush retirements, while we won't have really have one and we will have to depend on THOSE people who run big corporations for retirement, based on their profits that they let us have in our 401k. Remember, they keep the books.

    Everyone else will have nice early retirements, paid by us, plus a very profitable 401k, but they will have us working until 70 and getting pitiful benefits.

    One way to help solve the problem is to do this. Taxes will have to be paid by the boomers and others as they retire, since 401ks are tax deferred.  Most of them will cash out 5% a year and the taxes could be dedicated to help fund the boomer's retirement and take a load off the young worker. 401k taxes could also take care of the younger generation's full Social Security benefits, too.

    We are going to have to stand up to these republicans and their enablers. They have a bipartisan committee working on Social Security as I type.

    •  I'm so bleeping tired of this erroneous meme- (0+ / 0-)

      He said that those with the big money would start businesses and create jobs, etc

       Republicans believe they shouldn't have to pay taxes in exchange for them being "kind" enough to offer jobs to others.  This is the threat they hold over politicians and others, that if they don't get to do business their way, they'll be selfish and close the business so that no one gets to work.
       In reality it is the small businesses that keep the economy afloat.

      My Karma just ran over your Dogma

      by FoundingFatherDAR on Fri Oct 12, 2007 at 09:01:57 AM PDT

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