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  •  Exactly (3+ / 0-)

    I think people are so desperate for him to run (me included) that they are trying to force him to run by intimidation--getting a "bad reputation", "door will forever be closed" yada yada yada.  If he doesn't run (I will cry for hours), he will do amazing and wonderful things in the area of coalition-building for a Climate-Marshall Plan, and building awareness and validity to the environmental movement.  He's no shrinking violet, and these reptilian appeals to fear/sliming if he doesn't run are offensive to me.

    I'm still hoping and praying that he does run, but won't be surprised or angry if he doesn't.  Just sad.

    •  Super Al (4+ / 0-)

      I think it's a fair argument to make that anything he could do if he doesn't run for office pales in comparison to what he could do if he does run.

      And it's also fair to assume that if he doesn't run, it's because he lacks the personal stamina to get put the through the grinder again, particularly in opposition to his ex-boss's wife.

      So ultimately, I think the question for Al is, does he want to a hero? Or does he want to be a SUPER HERO! Can he muster the courage and fortitude to get through all the bullshit media politics? All the painful personal politics? Can he turn over to someone else the astounding successes he's built since '00? In order to take on the hardest job on the planet? CAN HE DO IT? I won't hold it against him if he doesn't run, but man, will I be psyched if he does.

      •  Yeah, the thing is (1+ / 0-)
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        DemocracyLover in NYC

        he hasn't told us to stop.  And, the Nobel.  For a long time I thought if he won the Nobel he surely would enter the race, as it would give him the extra gravitas (RW slime-machine efforts will ultimately fall flat, I predict).  This morning my husband and I came up with this question: if he wins the Nobel, would he want to temporarily shelve the gravitas it gives him to effect world change in global warming, and the chance to focus on it? This is something I believe he is weighing.

        If he runs, it will be a mud-slime-fest of the worst kind.  I'm not saying Gore can't handle it, or doesn't want to; I'm just saying that for the purposes of effeciency, what would serve his best interests for this baby of his? I'm not convinced that as President he influence global warming change on a global level any better than the position he is in now. Look at all he has done, and is doing as a private citizen. But then, the US is the single biggest polluter next to China and India, in the world. We have the record on all major environmental offenses.  The place to effect change is here, in the US legislature.

        Four years as a world-citizen to effect change in places who are open and willing, single-mindedly, would be optimal.  Which is why I think he may decide to run in 2008. But, of course, I am praying like a mad-woman that he decides to run now.

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