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  •  Um, that's just ridiculous (1+ / 0-)
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    It seems likely that if he doesn't run, Gore will likely endorse a candidate before the Iowa caucuses. And, if our intel is right, that candidate will either be Obama or Edwards

    One can bold whatever one wants.

    I say he'll endorse Edwards.  The Washington Post says so.

    Yeesh...If you're going to slant, at least slant in a smart way.  

    Besides, how about where it matters: on the issues (which is how Gore would choose to endorse) where is Obama closer to his position than Edwards?  I can see that Obama spoke out against the Iraq war.  Okay, that's one.  Maybe ('cause Edwards is as strongly against it now, which, again, is what counts when we think what to do about it, um, now).  Now can you give me any others?

    Now how about Edwards?

    1. Remember Gore's "people vs. the powerful"?  Edwards is really addressing the need to take the power away from corporations and give it back to people.  Same thing Gore liked about Dean. (or one of them).
    1. Environment.  Edwards came out with the first plan of the bunch, and it's still the most agressive and gutsy environmental/clean energy plan of the top three.  In addition, he's talking the truth: He's called for people to quit buying SUV's, to make personal sacrifice in energy consumption,and my understanding is that he's buying carbon credits to offset his travel during the campaign.
    1. The Iraq War.  Sure, Obama came against it from the start (kudos to him).  But now that we have to fix the friggin mess -- which is what matters -- Edwards has the strongest plan and, importantly, is pushing it most strongly.
    1. Who is going to actually take on Hillary Clinton?  Not Obama, apperantly.  He says he will now (now?), but I've yet to really see.  I'll believe it when he starts acting even a little bit like Edwards in a debate.  Edwards has been doing it -- he is the legitimate challenger, acting like a challenger.  Even though Obama has the money and the buzz.

    I could go on.

    But I won't. 'Cause, frankly, I'm hoping Gore gets in and the others endorse him,

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