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    ANY journalist who in any way attempts to equate to overwhelming majority of credible scientists and climate experts who assert that there is global warming, that it's mostly and demonstrably human-caused, and is a very serious problem, with the small group of mostly industry-supported (and occasionally simply insane) deniers of any of this, or themself attempts to deny any of these assertions, either explicitely or implicitely, is a journalist whose methods if not motives are to be questioned.

    This article, whether intentionally or not, appears to me to be yet another effort at discrediting Gore (and thus the stances that he supports) by playing into that whole "angry leftist" meme in which anyone on the left who feels passionate about, and passionately expresses their opinions on, any issue that has yet to reach a consensus within the beltway or among business and political elites, is to be suspected as to their seriousness if not sanity. None of this has to be explicitely stated for the underlying subtext to be loud and clear. Why even bother to mention his "emotions" unless it's to imply that being emotional is somehow incompatible with being rational and reality-based? I.e. Al Gore is angry, therefore he is not serious, and may even be crazy.

    Were you not around during the whole "Al Gore is nuts" meme that ran 24/7 during the 2000 campaign? This is merely a muted and more circumspect version of that. This journalist might not even be aware of doing this on a conscious level, so deeply has this negative view of Gore and the left seeped into the establishment media's mindset, which itself is a subset of the decades-long and mostly unquestioned assumption that the right is "serious", and the left is "emotional" that became established in the early 60's and was expertly exploited by Nixon, Reagan, Gingrich and the two Bushes.

    Funny how the media rarely or only weakly questions the credibility of politicians and others on the right when they get "emotional". E.g. MoveOn's ad was outrageous, while Limbaugh and Coulter's vile statements are just letting off steam--hee hee. Yeah, there's no built-in bias there. So when Gore gets "emotional", it clearly undermines his credibility. But when 90% of the GOP claims that global warming is a myth, oh, well, that's different. They're just expressing their opinions. Whatever.

    Personally, I think that anyone who doubts human-caused global warming and its seriousness is the one whose seriousness and sanity need to be questioned. But let's stick to the reality of these issues, please, and skip the amateur psycoanalysis.

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