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  •  The market for an "Al Gore" is huge (0+ / 0-)

    "intelligent, caring and dedicated to making the world a better place"

    But the impact that an "Al Gore" (or others) would have on many other less wholesome markets and the individuals who feed off and perpetuate those markets is similarly huge. And those markets' advantage is troubling: Fear, envy, greed, anger and sloth are the sine qua non of every creative brief and strategy document for a commercial product that I've ever been handed or crafted as a Creative Director. And, yes, that also includes Healthcare, even though the impulses are hackishly cloaked in the words of Charity, Fortitude, Hope, Justice and Compassion.

    The market for someting to believe in is infinite. But not without serious thought and understanding that a progressive "market" is really a "hope" and "courage" market will our current situation end. And not without a true understanding that principles will cost you something--sticking with them no matter whhat ridicule might come--and, in the end, as Gandhi said, you win.  Those latter words and virtues--meta concepts--when attempted outside your own family or clan, don't stand a fair chance against the hotline that our amygdala has to our actions and impulses. The only thing that cuts through the rockhard nut of our twitchy, paranoid R-Complex are things like Courage allied with compassion. It's meta and it's mythical. Guys like Kennedy got that as did MLK. Democratic politics has been tactics ever since, with a few sputters of meta from Clinton.

    Back to specifics, Gore's an admitted wonk who's been on Campbell's Heroes Journey. Texasliz and many others came to know this slowly, and most likely not by that label, only after buying a more Hollywood-ized story frame (read: unnatural, unsustainable)that promised ease and easy righteousness and soothed particular voting egos. It happens to all of us. After a while, we begin to notice that sitcom laugh-tracks don't match the unfunny dialogue, that we we're being insulted and suckered all at once.

    Some of us walk out. Some of us take longer. But we all end up looking for a real alternative once the pretend becomes self-insulting. And real -- real feelings, not of gauzy, cheezy old hope but of empathetic can-do, the kind that makes us feel taller when we do it, or that makes dopamine cause the hair on the backs of our necks stand to up when we're the witness or are beneficiaries of it -- that's the market and the product called an "Al Gore". It is so so simple that we, the supposedly more logical party, miss it or disrespect it because of that simplicity.  Or because of our own hardness, earned by living and earning in the fishbowl of those shallower, selfish, more get-and-go markets where courage is mistaken --and easily promoted--as foolishness. Al Gore will survive his nation's foolishness. But it's doubtful that without people like Al Gore (and some others) that the nation will survive it's own.      

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