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View Diary: Bush Authoritarianism: Blackwater+Amway=GOP, Pt. 2 (295 comments)

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  •  well, after 100+ comments... (1+ / 0-)
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    ....the only clarity this diary gives is:

    *no one agrees what the definition of fascism is; accordingly, no one agrees that bush is or is not a fascist.

    *there is apparent disagreement whether blackwater usa is working for the united states government or whether we should treat blackwater as simply a set of disjointed subcontractors who work for blackwater usa and not the us government.  it seems if the latter, it fits more easily into the diarist's contention that bush isn't a fascist, but, it is unclear...

    *there is some doubt whether the democrats in congress have inherited a bit of the liability by continuing to authorize payments to blackwater.

    *no mention of amway yet, but, i am on the edge of my seat!

    *and the state department may have been sold to a foreign government [ right miss laura :)  ]

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