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View Diary: Bush Authoritarianism: Blackwater+Amway=GOP, Pt. 2 (295 comments)

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    Neon Vincent

    I'm working on getting my own site up to publish my stuff.  

    My point would seem to be terribly obvious; I'm surprised you find it a "profound revelation" unless you're engaging in snark (my snarkmeter isn't working at the moment).  

    But here's another example of where this goes:  All social problems are good for the economy.  Even street crime, as it feeds the desire for home alarm systems and parents driving (consuming fuel) their kids to & from school, and of course the private prison complex.  Even commuter traffic jams, which produce higher advertising revenues for radio broadcasters during "rush hour" (as well as selling more gas and more cars that resemble living rooms on wheels).  

    Every place there is an entropy flow, a parasitic social ecosystem will arise consisting of those who will eagerly exploit it for their own gain.  In fact all of biology works this way: living organisms exploit entropy factors around them, ultimately leading right back to the entropy of the sun itself.  The apparent difference is that these social parasites can willfully act to maintain and increase entropy where it suits them, whereas life on Earth can't do squat to increase the entropy of the sun.  

    If you start looking at things this way, a whole bunch of other analyses suggest themselves.  

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      Neon Vincent

      This is very incisive work that deserves a large audience.  The more you say the more fascinating it is.  Good luck with your new site -- I for one will be an avid reader!

      All signs point toward sustainability for me at the moment.  "Waste not want not" was a way of life for my grandparents in the Depression, and I still remember being taught by my grandmother how to make soap from frying oil and coal ash lye -- we always had a container on the stove to save grease, which we reused.

      One of the original solar theorists, Steve Baer, wrote a book called Sunspots many years ago.  One chapter was about how drying clothes on a clothesline has no economic standing, but using an appliance does.  We need a new calculus for conservation.

      Buckminster Fuller thought the purpose of humans was to oppose the force of entropy and coined the term syntropy.  As an idealistic 20 something i actually started a business called "Syntropics" having to do with energy conserving design.  Still working on it 40 years later!

      More power to you.  I hope there will be a way for the rest of us to help.  

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