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View Diary: US Military Issues Warning: Plan to Get to Iraq Without Turkey (49 comments)

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  •  It a bubble perhaps, I would agree (0+ / 0-)

    with your points.  Particularly your first - because it kind of implies that Turkey's withdrawal of logistical support allows for NO logistical support which would then consequently shut down the war.  Yet that won't happen.  The US will absolutely find alternate air bases and methods and GWB will ask for more funds and when (and if) the Democrats push back, they'll strike back by saying it costs more because of the action of a Democratically-controlled Congress.  The nuance that it costs incrementally (and perhaps insubstantially) more as a result will be lost.  They may be on the ropes, but the Republicans know a golden opportunity when the Democrats literally hurl it at their heads.

    To your second point, I would definitely think that regarding Turkey, it IS American influence (which doesn't make it right, mind you) that has kept Turkey from heading into Northern Iraq.  And while I admire your spirit, the idea that anything the Maliki government asks for carries weight is laughable.

    I do hope that some subset of Congresspeople didn't anticipate the consequences of their actions - but frankly, those must be the denser members.  There was absolutely information available well in advance of the resolution itself that indicated precisely the outcome that seems to be occurring.  Not for nothing, much of that analysis came from the White House itself and were backed up by a variety of news analyses.  The fact that Demcoratic leadership has seemingly done the same thing they accuse Bushco of doing (when they went into Iraq and expected flowers and candy) in failing to anticipate an obvious likely outcome doesn't speak well for them in the best of circumstances.

    No offense meant with my comment - I just couldn't disagree with you more.

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