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View Diary: Guilty Corporations Fund Hypocritical Anti-Migrant Politicians (13 comments)

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  •  It's hard parsing the meaning of these stats (0+ / 0-)

    Consider the Home Depot Inc. PAC, which gave $130,500 in campaign contributions to HIRC politicians, more than 17% of its total donations.

    That would only be meaningful if the the HIRC is less than 17% of the congress, and if none of the HIRC'ers sit on committees directly related to HD business, etc.

    They are bashing migrants at the same time that they use the contributions from the people that employ them to re-elect themselves.

    The implication is that they're taking money but not actually doing anything.  Yet many of them are actively calling for stepped up enforcement and trying to pass legislation to that effect, which would seem to undercut your argument.

    •  It's about cause and effect (2+ / 0-)
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      Nightprowlkitty, Sentido

      Effectively all of the enforcement measures are affecting migrants, when they should be targeting the people that employ and benefit from them.

      I mean burrow owl are you considering the people your supporting with your arguments?  Do you realize your giving power to people like Tom Tancredo, who very much believes anything contrary to western civilization is harmful to the country?

      I seriously don't understand how someone can call themselves a Democrat and advocate positions like you do.  It plays into the extreme right wing of the Republican party.

      The U.S. "immigration debate" has lost sight of justice.

      by kyledeb on Wed Oct 17, 2007 at 03:02:59 PM PDT

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