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View Diary: "Joel's Army" in Eastern Europe--and a wave of anti-LGBT hatecrimes (27 comments)

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  •  oh hell yes, send in the Feds... (2+ / 0-)
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    dogemperor, Neon Vincent

    After we get a Democratic president, perhaps we can get hate crime legislation passed, and also extend the definition of domestic terrorist group to include any group that engages in hate crimes as an expression of its philosophy or policy.  

    Then send in the FBI, infiltrate the hell outta' them, and send them all up on charges.  And bust their leaders and groups, charge them with conspiracy if it can be made to stick, and extradite the ones who run overseas.

    Far preferable to having to defend oneself with a firearm.  

    But if the next Administration doesn't do something to protect people from these attackers, and if we can't make progress on the local level, then yeah it's going to be up to people to protect themselves.  With firearms.  By shooting anyone who tries to harm them.  And we shouldn't be squeamish about saying things like that either: people need to get in the frame of mind to say, for example, "my pacifism stops at the line where someone tries to harm me or my family or close friends."  And also, better a dead criminal than a dead innocent victim.  And, there's no hiding criminality behind religion: the crime is the same regardless of the rationale.  

    Gotta phone call, gotta scoot...

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