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View Diary: 10 Reasons to Love Pete Stark (263 comments)

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  •  y'know (12+ / 0-)

    i live in a rural county which is 75% registered Democratic.

    yet those registered Dems have pretty much given up voting around here.

    sidenote: gee. wonder why! :+D

    in any case, a day or so ago, Ron Paul signs suddenly started showing up everywhere. and yes, i know, Ron Paul is a fruitcake.

    but given the chickenicity of the Dems, especially on rural issues, i just don't have it in me to blame anyone around here for going over to the dark side of Ron Paul.

    but i would bet my bottom dollar, if the current batch of Dems would just lay it on the line like Stark just did, they wouldn't be seeping voters like no one's business.

    status quo my ass. status quo this, Dems!

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